GetYourBellyOut set to put IBD firmly on the map as they are chosen as 1 of 10 participants to represent the UK for Facebook’s 2021 Accelerator Program

‘Harnessing the power of their community to turn impactful ideas into action, this year’s participating communities have demonstrated impact and capacity to scale. Through the program, they will receive growth-related training, hands-on mentorship and funds to grow their community and impact.’

Meet some of our community members who have benefitted from the support GetYourBellyOut provides

Furthermore, the program will be delivered by two Facebook Certified Community Managers, Victoria Marie & Linda Porter who have demonstrated their proficiency in creating engaged, thriving communities and ensures they are both highly trained and experienced to be able to provide a safe online space for GetYourBellyOut’s amazing community members.

A sample of GetYourBellyOut projects… 

It’s no secret we’ve been busy raising awareness and creating a better understanding of Inflammatory Bowel Disease for many years now. We too have been hosting fun filled activity days and providing relaxed social opportunities for our community. We’ve been having important discussions to influence practice and policies, supporting research and creating a safe online space where we can connect with people who know the daily challenges which come with having a chronic illness.

Lets take a closer look below at some of the projects GetYourBellyOut have taken on in recent years to see if we can entice you to get involved with future focus groups, projects or campaigns which provide support, education, improve standards of care and aid research for people around the globe living with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

Mental health podcasts, media & video interviews about IBD

Our ground-breaking approach has enabled us to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease on a large scale by sharing our own personal experiences through global media coverage and features in numerous mini documentaries (Such as talking about IBD on S4C or a BBC feature about GetYourBellyOut). We too spend time being interviewed by ostomy or pharmaceutical companies who are keen to hear a patients perspective on a whole host of topics, from mental health or the every day challenges our IBD community face. These are a great opportunity for us to feed back what we learn by keeping our ears close to the ground and raising topics which we know are important to you, our community members!

National social opportunities for hundreds of guests each year

If you’ve heard about GetYourBellyOut, the chances are one of our members has encouraged you to attend one of our GetYourBellyOut balls, which are a national celebratory event with hundreds of guests in attendance each year. These large events bring a wide variety of people and companies together for a unique opportunity to get to know one another in a comfortable environment which caters for everyone’s needs. Our advocacy efforts have enabled us to subsidise the cost of these party tickets, which gave even more members of our community the chance to join us. We have also been able to donate a handful of tickets each year thanks to the generosity of our members, who know first hand the impact attending an evening such as this can have and so want others to benefit from this event too. We are very proud of the way in which our community looks after one another.

This is an exciting time and an incredible opportunity for GetYourBellyOut – we look forward to taking you on this journey of expansion with us! ♥

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