We happen to think that #GetYourBellyOut is pretty awesome to work with!

Our team are the type of people that you would be grateful to have landed up with if you ever found yourselves stranded on a desert island. Creative, passionate, driven, resourceful and reliable are just some of the many qualities that we have.  Oh we mustn’t forget, rydyn ni’n siarad Cymraeg hefyd!

Don’t just take our word for it here’s what others think…

“We’ve loved supporting the past two #GetYourBellyOut balls as well as the online campaign and getting to know the team who’ve done an amazing job raising awareness of how hard life can be living with Ulcerative Colitis, IBD and Crohn’s Disease.  We’re very proud to have played our small part in helping this awareness campaign become the success that it has and we look forward to doing more with the #GetYourBellyOut team in the future” – Clinimed & Securicare  

So if you would like to collaborate with the #GetYourBellyOut team on a product, brand or initiative please get in touch.  You’ve heard all about our great qualities so now tell us about yours!  Let us know about your company, brand or product and why you think that #GetYourBellyOut would be the right fit for you.