The story behind GetYourBellyOut CIC

#GetYourBellyOut was founded by four independant women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, who shared a common goal of wanting to raise awareness by sharing photographs of their belly on social media. Whether we had scars, an ostomy or no visible signs of the illness, the idea was to showcase how different everyone’s journey had been. We were able to encourage open dialogue around mental health troubles, surgeries, long hospital stays and the continueous challenges which living with IBD bring, such as the constant fatigue or chronic pain. This ability of being able to relate to our community members on a very deep and personal level proved to be invaluable.
As time passed, two of these fore founding members branched out to focus on new projects, which would still see them raising awareness but outside of the GetYourBellyOut brand. The remaining co-founders went on to register GetYourBellyOut as a Community Interest Company, which would elevate the campaign to new heights as we were now able to provide ongoing support, education and advocacy to people around the globe. 

The years which followed were filled with relentless efforts to make GetYourBellyOut CIC the ‘go to’ pillar of the IBD community.
A passion to involve the community in as many projects as possible saw us opening doors which would ensure the communities voice was heard amongst important influencers, companies and policy makers.

[To be continued…]

Mission statement

We understand the importance of remaining compassionate, empathetic and providing a  safe haven for the IBD community to discuss their needs and concerns. Currently we are encouraging people to speak out, become more proactive in learning about their illness and better advocate for themselves in a clinical setting.

#GetYourBellyOut is keen to be the voice for many in the IBD community by highlighting the areas which matter most to them.  These vary from better access to support, patients to have access to an IBD nurse and encourage hospitals to meet the IBD standards. We aim to continue breaking down the myths surrounding Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis by shinning a spotlight on these illnesses wherever we can, including through the mainstream media.

In order for our campaign to continue to thrive we must look ahead, understand the trends and the focus areas which will ultimately shape #GetYourBellyOut.  We are on a constant journey working towards a better future. We aim to expand our reach, boost people’s confidence, educate and inspire the community. We will continue to make patients aware of the support services which are available to them and help to provide a safe environment for questions to be asked.

We have many plans for the future and have logged a number of our passed projects here for you to look over. 

The IBD community is at the heart of everything we do here at #GetYourBellyOut and we would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters as together with your help we can change the lives of people affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

We will work tirelessly to fulfill our long-term plans in order obtain our future vision. For a better tomorrow we must lay strong foundations today.