#GetYourBellyOut is a patient led not-for-profit providing support to a global community of people affected by Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

Founded in March 2014, GetYourBellyOut’s initial aim was to encourage people to take a photograph of their belly and post it to social media. The idea was to showcase that whether you have scars, an ostomy or no visible signs at all we’re united in our fight against Inflammatory Bowel Disease!

GetYourBellyOut has since evolved to be able to provide a safe support system, education and advocacy for people affected by Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis by …

Providing a safe support system

We work incredibly hard on the important things, such as building people’s confidence, kindling new friendships, organising social events, reducing isolation and providing support 365 days a year. We offer access to our online support group with like-minded people and the ability to contact us through our website for private assistance via email or our Facebook page.

Increasing awareness and understanding

Our ground-breaking approach has enabled us to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease on a large scale through global media coverage and features in numerous mini documentaries (Such as talking about IBD on S4C or a BBC feature about GetYourBellyOut). We’ve featured our inspiring ‘bellies’ in a charity calendar, taken them on a tour of an ostomy factory as well as included them in a number of articles and awareness videos. We encourage body confidence, attend events and enjoy public speaking to discuss the topic of IBD and the impact GetYourBellyOut has had.

Hosting fundraising and social events 

Our local events, organised in conjunction with our supporters are held to encourage friendships and reduce the feeling of isolation. We’ve held five national celebratory events with hundreds in attendance to bring a wide variety of people and companies together for a unique opportunity to get to know one another. Our events help people to better understand, accept and discuss their journeys with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

Influencing practise and policy

We’ve been busy campaigning on issues in Parliament such as the IBD standards, the Welsh Assembly to launch ‘My Crohn’s and Colitis Care’ to MP’s as well as assisting Crohn’s and Colitis UK with their ‘More IBD Nurses’ MP letter campaign, ‘Not every disability is visible’ campaign and the creation of the ‘Can’t Wait’ card information packs. 

GetYourBellyOut have influenced government of their choice of advertising campaigns, hosted a pioneering ‘virtual ostomy care clinic’ ft Clinimend and provided feedback for NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Exellence) on the use of Biologics. An area where we thrive and have a large impact is giving presentations to NHS staff, pharmaceutical and ostomy companies about the impact #GetYourBellyOut has had on the world and sharing real life accounts of IBD.

Support research

GetYourBellyOut encourages our community to get involved in survey participation to express their opinions. We help to highlight research projects, canvas opinions, provide feedback on product prototypes and aid students with their PhD’s.

We’ve launched our Immune Compromised Social Distancing lanyards to help keep members of our Crohn’s & Colitis community safe. The generosity of our community have made it possible for #GetYourBellyOut to send out over 500 complimentary lanyards around the globe!!!

Over the years we have received a phenomenal response from the IBD community who are eager to share their story with the world, many for the very first time.

‘Two years ago, thanks to #GetYourBellyOut and all of their amazing inspiring warriors I FINALLY told everyone my 14 year old secret! I’ll forever be grateful to this campaign and the amazing people I’ve met through it, who gave me the confidence to do something I thought I’d never in my life even think of doing. So thank you from the bottom of my heart’ – #GetYourBellyOut supporter Francesca.