Every 22 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis…

We are here to help! #GetYourBellyOut is an award winning, patient-led, charitable organisation providing support, education and advocacy to a global community of 45,000 people.

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Founded in March 2014, GetYourBellyOut’s initial aim was to encourage people to take a photograph of their bellies and post it to social media. The idea was to showcase that whether you have scars, an ostomy, or no visible signs at all we’re united in our fight against Inflammatory Bowel Disease!

GetYourBellyOut’s mission is to now become the worlds leading digital and physical destination for people affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

91% of members said they now feel less lonely or isolated

63% feel more informed and understand their illness better

99% have seen a benefit from being part of GetYourBellyOut’s community

Celebrate World IBD Day in style with us on Saturday 18th May 2024 as we bring our incredible community together for our 10th Ball.

GetYourBellyOut created a mini documentary, showcasing the lived experiences of Inflammatory Bowel Disease to raise awareness and improve people’s understanding of these chronic illnesses. In the film, Keith, James, Yvonne & Victoria speak openly about the challenges they’ve faced and how a community has helped them on their journey…

‘This organization is a lifeline for so many of us! The support and awareness raised is incredible.’

‘GetYourBellyOut changed my life. After many years of hiding that I suffered, I now won’t shut up! IBD isn’t easy to live with day to day, but having support and friendship has made it a lot easier. I’m no longer ashamed!’ 

‘I want to say thank you to everyone for the support, love, and friendship found within this community. My darkest days have been brighter because of your presence.’

‘Two years ago, thanks to #GetYourBellyOut and all of their amazing inspiring warriors I FINALLY told everyone my 14-year-old secret! I’ll forever be grateful to this organization and the amazing people I’ve met through it, who gave me the confidence to do something I thought I’d never in my life even think of doing. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.’