#GetYourBellyOut is a Community Interest Company (not-for-profit) which needs support from our global community to ensure we can provide a safe support system, education and advocacy for people affected by Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.
Our focus is to support people affected by IBD by working with our community on a number of different projects which improving practise and policies and get people involved in research studies. Our aim is to provide local and national events, social and confidence building activities and allow us to connect with those who are less likely to reach out for support. So, lets jump straight in with a list of different ways YOU can help support GetYourBellyOut’s Crohn’s & Colitis Community…

Send a donation in to #GetYourBellyOut via text

It’s never been easier to donate to your favourite cause… simply create a new text message, write the word ‘GYBO’ and send it to 70907 to donate £5 or send to 70191 to donate £10. It really is as simple as that! The donation amount will be added to your mobile phone bill which you pay in your usual way.

* Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme (Charity No: 1149800), operating as DONATE. Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. For Terms & Conditions, click here

Donate via PayPal (card payments also accepted)

Kind donations enable us to continue providing support to people around the world who, like us, have been affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Financial contributions provide us with greater scope to continue raising important topics of discussion with the ultimate aim of improving standards of care and the lives of people living with IBD. If you would like to make a financial contribution…

Easily set up a regular donation…

A small, regular donation will make a big difference over time to the amount of support we can offer each year to our ever growing community. The more we raise, the more we can invest into projects and services which will change the lives of thousands of people diagnosed with IBD. Simply check the ‘Make this a monthly donation’ box when leaving a donation using the button below.

Take on a fundraising challenge

Kevin bravely became our first ever marathon fundraiser when he took on the Great North Run in aid of #GetYourBellyOut to support people affected by Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis.

Speaking about his challenge he said “It feels a bit surreal. It was nice to not be part of the mass of people all wearing the same bibs – #GetYourBellyOut even got a shout out at the start which was cool!” – Kevin

If you’re ready to hop, skip or jump straight into your fundraising challenge…

Raise awareness with merchandise

By sporting an item of #GetYourBellyOut merchandise you’re doing a great deal to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We have heard so many examples from ‘bellies’ who have easily been able to recognise fellow community members and have felt confident enough to approach them as both parties were wearing #GetYourBellyOut merchandise. Before you could walk straight past another IBD’er without ever knowing but those days are no more thanks to our recognisable brand.

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As patients ourselves we’ve been able to raise awareness, streamline processes and improve understanding around Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis. Now it’s over to YOU! By working together, we can lay strong foundations which will make for a brighter future.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our free mailing list today and join us on an incredible journey of discovery! Who knows where we might end up?

Wedding / party favours for any occasion

Our wedding and celebration pin badges are a thoughtful keepsake for any special event and a great way of helping to connect or support people affected by inflammatory bowel disease. By gifting our unique favours you are sharing with your guests a cause which truly matters to you and showcases how you’re helping to raise awareness of these often misunderstood incurable illnesses.

Share your #GetYourBellyOut photos & IBD story

Have you ever been inspired by reading someone’s story on our social media of how they overcame the hardest times, found comfort by connecting with people who ‘get it’ and understand what it takes to power on through the day? You too could be the motivation someone needs to keep pushing forward, to advocate for themselves and to push themselves in ways they didn’t think possible. Send your story in to us of how you received your diagnosis, what life is like now and any advice you have for others tackling life with their ‘invisible’ illness.

Donate an Amazon GiftCard for items on our wishlist

We are hoping to appeal to those stationary lovers out there who understand the excitement that comes from receiving a new order of stationary. We use envelopes, sticky notes, paper, stamps, parcel paper and more to stay in touch with members of our community and keep the cogs at GetYourBellyOut HQ turning. Can you help ease the burden by donating a GiftCard?

Show your support by attending an event

#GetYourBellyOut understands the importance of a good support system and have seen first-hand the difference it can make. As a result, we actively encourage members of our community, their friends and family to join us at both our fundraising and social gatherings throughout the year.

Recycle your surplus ostomy supplies

We put a call out asking if our community had any surplus ostomy supplies laying around the house which they no longer had need for (perhaps they had ordered samples or had since had their reversal surgery). Instead of disposing of these into landfill as is so often the case, #GetYourBellyOut launched our Christmas Appeal and with the help of our amazing community donated 26 boxes full of repurposed ostomy supplies to ostomates in need overseas.

Volunteer your time or expertise

Get in touch if you would like to volunteer your time, can offer a unique skill or service in order to support #GetYourBellyOut. We would love to hear from you!

Donate or Swap unwanted clothing items

Our ‘Bellies Clothes Donate or Swap’ group was set up by two amazing GetYourBellyOut community members who simply wanted to help people with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis be able to restock their wardrobe at a low cost or give their pre-loved clothes a new lease of life. For as little as the cost of postage, members swap or donate their items in the hope of helping one another throughout the weight fluctuations often brought on by ill-health or medication side effects.

A 2017 survey of 12,000 people living with IBD showed 48% of under 30’s felt isolated and lonely. Your donations are helping us tackle these alarming statistics as 97% of GetYourBellyOut members said they had seen a benefit from being a part of our community!

It’s always great to see how your support can enabled your favourite cause to deliver meaningful change. With this in mind we’ve created a summary of the difference GetYourBellyOut CIC has been able to make thanks to the amazing support received from donors like you!