Social Gatherings

#GetYourBellyOut understands the importance of a good support system and have seen first-hand what a difference it can make. As a result we actively encourage our community members, their friends and family to join us at our fundraising and social gatherings throughout the year.

Upcoming social events

We’re busy arranging future social opportunities for our amazing community, which are currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions so please check back soon for updates!

We’re working on…

GetYourBellyOut annual ball


Find out why there is such a demand for our Belly Ball & why our community members keep coming back each year 


Colour run!


Be part of our team as we take on this year’s Colour Obstacle Rush as a fundraiser to support GetYourBellyOut



Confidence building weekend break


News about our confidence building weekend for people living with IBD and details of how you can put your name down can be found here…

Local social meet ups


If you find there isn’t an event in your area but you would be happy to volunteer your time to host one, please reach out to us via the contact us section of this website so we can share some extra guidance and provide some support

Fundraising Activities

In previous years our amazing GetYourBellyOut community have undertaken Icy Sea Dips, Awareness Walks, Hair Chops, Raffles, Crafts, Cake Sales and Colour Runs all to support people who have had their lives affected by Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. These fundraising activities generate important funds which enable us to provide even more social opportunities for our members so they can connect in person with the people they’ve spent a great deal of time getting to know and support online through our closed Facebook group. These social gatherings provide an opportunity to meet and make new friends in a relaxed environment amongst people who understand the anxieties of trying to socialize whilst having a bowel disease.

Upcoming fundraising events

We’re busy arranging future fundraising challenges for our amazing community, which are currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions so please check back soon for updates!

If you’re feeling inspired to take on a fundraising challenge in support of GetYourBellyOut do reach out to us as we will do our utmost to support you and your event.

If you would like to skip the physical activities and make a donation to GetYourBellyOut CIC instead, visit the Donate tab on our website.
We greatly appreciate every single donation whether large or small. Thank you!