Immune compromised Covid 19 social distance lanyard


#GetYourBellyOut’s social distancing lanyard. Designed specifically for those of us who are immune compromised due to our Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

Whilst these are complimentary, please be mindful these have been funded by charitable donations from the Inflammatory Bowel Disease community.   Therefore if you would like to make a donation for your Social Distancing Lanyard so we can buy more and others can also benefit, we would greatly appreciate your donation.

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We have designed these as our community is extremely important to us and we want to keep our supporters as safe as we can. With that in mind we specifically state that you are immune compromised on the lanyards unlike others available which simply state to keep a distance.

* We can only send one lanyard per order due to the nature of the funding for this product. Please only order one lanyard per household unless prior agreement has been sought by messaging us on Thank you!

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Weight 15 g